Maps Youth Program and Accounts

Part of our commitment to lifelong learning, our Maps Youth Savings Program, helps kids get started with good savings habits. Geared toward youth up to age 17, this program provides educational and savings opportunities for young members interested in learning good financial habits. Choose from a wide variety of accounts and receive all sorts of great rewards just for joining. Our Youth Accounts include:

Youth Savings Account:

This is our primary account in the Youth Savings Program. All young members start with this savings account with no minimum balance requirement to earn dividends. Members 14 and older can open an account independently. Those 13 and younger need a parent or legal guardian to sign as a joint owner.

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First Step Certificate:

This account provides a great way to learn the value of savings. Start with a minimum $100 deposit to open this 12-month certificate account. Add funds as often as you can (minimum $10 deposit) and see how much you earn over the life of the certificate.

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Free Checking:

This account features no monthly service charge and no minimum balance, which makes it perfect for younger members. Members over 16 can open a free checking account without a joint owner, but those 15 or younger must have a parent or legal guardian sign as a joint owner.

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Credit Card:

Youth Program members 16 or older can open a credit card with a $200 line of credit. A parent or legal guardian must co-sign the account. It's a great way to begin building credit and learn to use it wisely.

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Youth Account Benefits:

All of our e-services—Text Banking, Online Banking, BillPayer, and PrivateLine (telephone account access)—are available to our Youth Program members within all our Youth Accounts.

Youth Members can earn monthly rewards when making a deposit of $10 or more each month. ($10 = one Maps stamp). Members can redeem Maps stamps any time at any branch for prizes such as:

iTunes $10 Gift Certificate (20 Maps stamps)
Movie Ticket (12 Maps stamps)
Maps Piggy Bank (8 Maps stamps)
Ice Cream $2 Certificate (4 Maps stamps)
Salem Waterfront Carousel Ticket (2 Maps stamps)

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