Maps Credit Cards

Maps Credit Union is proud to offer a credit card that earned a spot on the Dean's List. This honor recognizes cards that offer rates and conditions that are more favorable to consumers.

NOW! All Maps credit cards now earn rewards points!

Platinum Points Visa

visa points

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Earn Points Fast

Monthly Expenses $ Points
Groceries $800 800
Dining/Entertainment $400 400
Utilities $350 350
Phone & Internet $250 250
Gas $225 225
Auto insurance $150 150

Total monthly points: 2,175
Estimated points earned in one year: 26,100

For illustrative purposes only. Actual rewards will depend on your individual purchases.

Visa Gift Cards

visa gift cards

Visa Travel Money Card

visa travel card
  • A $3.95 fee applies at time of purchase
  • Available at all Maps branches
  • This card is reloadable
Got questions about using your credit card wisely? Or about how to manage it through online banking? We've got a collection of educational articles to help you. Read them here.

Additional Information:

Visa Disclosures
Credit and Security Agreement
Balance Transfer Request Form
Visa Empowers Cardholders to Fight Fraud
Visa Zero Liability - Shop anywhere with no risk.


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