Savings Accounts

Maps Savings Accounts are the perfect way to save for your future, and we offer a wide variety of accounts to match your needs. As your financial partner, we provide personal banking services that help you manage your savings plan now, so you can enjoy the benefits a little further down the road. Our Savings Accounts include:

Share Savings

This basic savings account pays dividends on any balance. There is no limit on the number of withdrawals or transfers from this account. It's a great option when you first start saving or if you will want access to your cash in the short-term.

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Christmas Club

This account is especially designed for expenses that come up at the end of the year—holiday shopping, property taxes, or an annual insurance premium. Each month, you set aside a fixed amount in this account. Then, during the first week of November, the entire balance is paid out to you—no need to worry about how to make ends meet with all the extra end-of-year expenses.

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Youth Savings

Maps Credit Union is serious about education. With a focus on lifelong learning, we help teach kids the value of saving at an early age. Our Youth Accounts are designed to reward good savings habits. All you need is a $5 minimum balance and there is no limit on the number of withdrawals or transfers.

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Market Investor

This money market account earns you higher dividends as your account balance rises. Enjoy tiered rates starting at $100*, plus the ability to write checks directly from your account. A limited number of transfers or withdrawals are allowed on this account.

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*See current tier levels and rates.

IRAs and Coverdell ESAs

Maps offers a variety of IRAs, available in both certificate and savings account forms. You can choose from Traditional, Roth, Coverdell, or SEP. Just like with any of our products, a Maps financial expert will guide you through the decision-making process as you consider which IRA is best for your goals.

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