Important Bill Pay Update

If you are having trouble accessing your new Bill Pay, you may want to review your browser's internet options. For simple instructions, click on the link below for your specific browser:

Internet Explorer

We apologize for any inconvenience this browser issue may have caused.

We hope you take advantage of the new enhanced features listed below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us here.

Commonly Asked Bill Pay Questions

Q: Why are the funds for my bill payments not withdrawn from my account? Are my payments being sent?
A: Payments ARE being sent, even though funds have not been deducted from the account yet.

  • Funds will be deducted from your account when the check has been received and negotiated by the Payee.

  • To view what payments have been sent to their Payees, click on the Activity tab and review the Processed Payments area.


Q: How do I transfer money within online banking?
A: Any of these 4 ways are possible.

  • Member to Member
    Transfer money into your Maps account from your account at another financial institution. You can also use this to transfer money from your Maps account to another financial institution, however, this can take up to 5 business days. We recommend using the P2P option for a faster transaction time. 

    • Both members must be using online banking and set up to receive transfers with their full account number.

  • External Accounts
    Transfer money into your Maps account from your account at another financial institution.

  • P2P
    Transfer money from your Maps account to any of your accounts at another financial institution or to any other person whose accounts are not at Maps.

  • Transfer
    To transfer funds between your own Maps accounts/loans.

Enhanced Features to Bill Pay

New Pay a Person (P2P) feature
With Pay a Person (P2P) payments you can pay anyone! All you need is their name and email or cell number. A message will be sent to the person you want to pay and then they submit how they want to receive the funds. A one time set up by the person you are paying is required.
New Bill Pay Alerts
Alert notices are available with this new update. Send yourself email alerts to remind yourself of scheduled payments, delivered payments, and when a check payment is cleared.

Later Cut off time to pay your bills
Now you can schedule and edit payments as late as 2:00 pm PST for next day payments (currently it's 9:00 am PST).

Custom payee lists
Create custom groups to organize payees.

Calendar View
The new Calendar tab gives a monthly view of your scheduled payments.

Changes to Bill Pay

With this update, a few items may need your attention:

Updated Look
The desktop and mobile view will have a slightly new look and feel. Click here for a preview of the new look.

New Check Payment process
Physical checks scheduled within bill pay will be issued from your personal account (not the general Maps Credit Union account like it is currently). Funds will be withdrawn from your account when the check clears and a copy of the check will be available in your online account activity. Just like with a paper check you write from your own checkbook, this check will have your name, address, and account number.

If you are utilizing e-Bills, this update will require current e-Bill users to re-enroll. For privacy reasons, we do not retain any e-Bill log-ins or passwords. We apologize for the inconvenience. eBills are copies of bills that are automatically sent to your Bill Pay account (these are not the same as automatic payments that are connected to your credit union account for payment).

All payees will be visible
After the update all payees will be listed. Use the new list function to organize payees into groups: i.e. "Favorites," "Hidden," "School," "Business."

When making payments, you will now select the "Send on" date rather than the "Deliver by" date.
Questions or concerns? 
Please contact us and we will be happy to help.