Bank Anywhere!

We understand that you can't always make it to a branch - or maybe you just don't want to. We make it easy to do your banking, no matter where you are. You can access your accounts on the web or on your mobile device. And there is never a charge to access your accounts from any of these remote banking options.

Mobile Apps and Mobile Deposit

Our mobile apps are FREE, and we're certain that once you try it you won't be able to live without it. NOW available with fingerprint and Face ID login options.

  • Mobile deposit is available with both apps and an email confirmation is sent confirming the check has been received and then again when the check has been deposited. Find steps and a video on how to do a Mobile Deposit HERE.
  • Fingerprint and Face ID login:
    • Login process:
      • In your device, bio (finger/face) needs to be enabled in the settings (this process varies by phone type)
      • Once finger/face is enabled
      • The next time you login (with password) in the app you will be prompted to enable finger/face login
      • If you tap "enable" then you will be enrolled and can login that way in the future
    • Unenroll
      • In the app, go to Profile -> Device Security Settings
      • Uncheck the setting to turn off finger/face login
      • The user can also turn it off by disabling bio (finger/face) on their device

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Online Banking

Check your balance, transfer funds, pay bills, access online statements, and keep tabs on your budget using our free online banking service. Here are the features you'll find:

  • Bill Pay
  • Account history
  • Check images
  • Financial management tool that lets you see where your money is going
  • Transaction and balance alerts
  • Transfers between Maps accounts and accounts at other financial institutions
  • Online statements

Sign up for this free service by giving us a call at (503) 588-0181 or 1-800-688-0181 ext. 3811 or register online.

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Online Banking Alerts

Set-up a text or email message to notify you of any of the following account information:

  • Reminder Alert
  • Balance Alert
  • Check Cleared Alert
  • Daily Balance Alert
  • Loan Due Alert
  • Transaction Alert
  • Secure Message Alert

To enroll in these free alert messages, log into your account either through Online Banking (desktop) or the Mobile App, click on the "More" menu, then "Alerts," and select an alert type. See the video for a demonstration of the Maps App.

Online/Mobile Banking Maintenance & Upgrades

We are always working to improve our remote access services.

Recent Upgrades