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Sometimes a little help can make a big difference between where we are and where we want to be. A Maps personal loan or line of credit can give you a boost to pay off credit cards, buy a new computer, or finally fix up that bathroom.

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Rates good as of 7/1/2019 and are subject to change without notice.

*APR: Annual Percentage Rate. All loans are subject to a $60 loan origination fee and a $10 membership fee if borrower is not already a member. Fixed rates include a 0.50% rate reduction for automatic payment and electronic statements. Rate will be increased 0.50% if payment is not automatic and electronic statements are not set up. Floor rate of 4.19% applicable to all discounts. 

Other Loan Rates

Auto Rates

Product APR*
New and Used Autos
up to 72 months
4.19% - 16.94%
New and Used Autos
73 - 84 months
4.69% - 16.94%

Includes .50% reduction for autopay and e-statements.

Auto Rates Disclosures


Product APR
2018-2019 Fixed Rate* 5.24% - 17.99%
2018-2019 Variable Rate 5.99% - 17.99%
2017 and older Fixed Rate* 6.24% - 18.99%
2017 and older Variable Rate 7.99% - 19.99%

*Includes .50% reduction for autopay and e-statements.

RVs Disclosures


Product APR
Models 2018-2019 5.24% - 17.99%
2017 and older 6.24% - 18.99%

Includes .50% reduction for autopay and e-statements.

Marine Disclosures

Home Equity Master Line

Repayment Terms APR Loan to Value
10 year draw & up to 15 years to repay 5.00%-8.00% up to 90% LTV

HELOC Owner-Occupied. Payment based on balance. $25.00 annual fee assessed January of each year. Borrower pays closing costs. Annual Percentage Rate (APR)* and maximum loan amount will be based on your credit qualifications and loan to value ratio. The variable APR may adjust quarterly based on Wall Street Prime plus or minus a margin. Minimum APR 3.49%. Maximum APR 18%.

Home Equity Master Line: Offering Rates may change at any time. Other terms and conditions may apply. Appraisals required. Flood search cost: $12.50. Property Tax Tracking fee $81.  Estimated recording cost: $136-$163. Estimated title insurance or property report cost: $85 - $1300. Lock fee of $25 may apply. Total estimated costs will vary based on individual loan.

Home Equity Master Line Disclosures

Lock-In Option - Variable

Repayment Terms APR
Terms 5, 10, 15, or 20 years 4.75%-6.75%

Rate is fixed for the first five years, then it may adjust every 5 years based on Wall Street Prime** plus a margin. Minimum APR 4.00%. Maximum APR 18%. Stated rates include .25% auto pay discount. Lock-In fee $25.

** Lock-In Option - Variable: Rate is fixed for the first five years, The Annual Percentage Rate that applies to the locked-in balance shall be our margin plus the Index, then current Wall Street Prime, at the time of the conversion; thereafter the rate shall change every 5 years to the then current margin + index. 

Lock-In Option - Variable Disclosures

Lock-in Option - Fixed


Repayment Terms APR
Terms 5, 10, 15, or 20 years 6.25%-9.75%

Rate includes .25% reduction for autopay. Lock-In fee $25.

Lock-in Option - Fixed Disclosures


Product APR
Platinum Mastercard Rewards 10.75%-18.75%
World Mastercard Rewards 10.75%-14.75%
Business Mastercard 10.75%-18.75%
Secured Mastercard 18.75%
Youth Mastercard 18.75%

Mastercard Disclosures


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Program Name Rate APR Points   Fees
15 Year Fixed (Conforming) 3.250% 3.394% 0.00%   View
30 Year Fixed (Conforming) 3.750% 3.833% 0.00%   View
30 Year FHA 3.125% 4.196% 0.00%   View
30 Year VA 3.375% 3.546% 0.00%   View
30 Year USDA Rural Home Purchase 3.250% 3.762% 0.00%   View

Rates good as of 11/19/19 and are subject to change without notice.

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