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Walking the Tightrope

March 1 by

Balance your portfolio to keep your future on track.

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When less means more

January 4 by Lisa Daniels

When it comes to money, more is more.
But when it comes to stuff, less is often more.

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Managing Money: It's kid stuff

April 7 by Lisa Daniels

Teaching young people how to handle their finances is as important as ever.

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Shred your chances of identity theft

March 22 by Lisa Daniels

Bring your sensitive documents to Maps on April 9; we'll shred them for free.

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Maps makes K-12 lesson plans

February 15 by Lisa Daniels

Maps teams with Western Oregon University to create lesson plans for students

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Keep Up Your Guard While Holiday Shopping

November 26 by Lisa Daniels

Don't let the Grinches take your riches. Follow these tips to protect you and your money this holiday season.

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Tax Records: What to Keep, What to Toss

April 14 by

When it comes to tax-related documents, good record keeping means knowing what to toss, and what to keep and for how long. 

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) doesn't require you to keep records in any particular way. Develop a system that helps you and the IRS figure your correct tax.

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Five Steps to Organizing Your Finances

March 19 by

Do you know your net worth? Or how much you spend each month, and on what? Or how much you can expect from your pension plan or Social Security in retirement?

A no to most of these questions puts you with the majority of the population who have been too busy with life to get a handle on their finances. Fortunately, we've got a five-step action plan to help you take control of your money.

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