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Your Year-End Financial Checklist

December 4 by Maps Credit Union

Use this financial checklist to make the most of your money in 2024 and beyond. 

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Mortgage Glossary: The terms You Need to Know to Get Your Dream Home

October 23 by Maps Credit Union

Learn some key homebuying terms and get to know the new Maps Home Loan App.

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Teachers and Schools: How We Honor Our Scholastic Roots

October 13 by Maps Credit Union

How does Maps support teachers and schools? Let us count the ways.

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How to Prepare Yourself for College Loan Repayment

July 24 by Maps Credit Union

The freeze on student loan payments and interest is coming to an end. Here’s need to know about paying back your loans—and lowering your overall costs.

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13 Money Myths to Toss in the Trash

July 3 by Maps Credit Union

When it comes to money management, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. Here, we explore 13 money myths you should ditch to build a smoother, smarter path to financial success. 

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5 Basic Budget Tips for College Graduates

June 19 by Maps Credit Union

Life after graduation may look very different, but it’s a crucial time to learn some basic budgeting skills. 

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Common Scams That Target Kids and Teens

April 10 by Maps Credit Union

If your kids are old enough to be online, they are old enough to learn how to protect themselves from these common scams.

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What You Need to Know About Applying for Scholarships

February 27 by Maps Credit Union

If you or someone you know is thinking about attending a college, university, or technical school in 2023, now is the time to apply because the deadline for Maps scholarships applications is March 31, 2023. To inspire you, we’ve got some tips on applying for these (and countless other) scholarships.

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How do I Apply for FAFSA

October 4 by Maps Credit Union

Do you know when your application is due and how to apply?

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Student Loan Changes During COVID-19

June 16 by Maps Credit Union

With unemployment levels rising and many employers cutting work hours, lots of college grads are now struggling to meet their student loan payments. Thankfully, the federal government has passed legislation to ease this burden. Unfortunately, though, many borrowers are confused about the terms and conditions of these changes.

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