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The Pros and Cons of Gift Cards

December 11 by Maps Credit Union

Are gift cards practical, meaningful gifts or impersonal gestures? We'll tackle the age-old debate. 

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How to Protect Yourself Against Gift Card Scams

December 11 by Maps Credit Union

Gift cards are a common tool used by scammers, Learn how to spot the signs of fraud so you can avoid the hassle this holiday season. 

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Tips for Safer Online Shopping

November 27 by Maps Credit Union

Shoppers are on the lookout for great deals—and that means cybercriminals are ready to pounce. Are you taking steps to protect yourself this holiday season?

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Black Friday Scams and How to Avoid Them

November 20 by Maps Credit Union

Before you break out your credit card, educate yourself on some common holiday shopping scams and learn how to safeguard yourself against potential threats. 

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Common Job Scams and How to Protect Yourself

October 16 by Maps Credit Union

If you are in the market for a new job, it’s time to brush up on your red flag-detection skills. 

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How to Avoid Student Loan Forgiveness Scams

September 18 by Maps Credit Union

Student loan payments are about to restart—and, unfortunately, related scams are on the rise. This week, we’ll delve into this growing problem and provide you with crucial tips on how to avoid falling victim to student loan scams.

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Want to Contribute to Maui Wildfire Relief Efforts? Here’s How.

August 16 by Maps Credit Union

As the residents of Maui and nearby islands struggle to recover from one of the deadliest wildfires in U.S. history, many of us are asking, “How can I help?” Here’s what to keep in mind if you want to donate money or travel to the region.

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The 8 Ps of Common Scams

August 14 by Maps Credit Union

Most financial scams share these 8 common red flags. To protect yourself (and your financial well-being), watch for these telltale signs of nefarious behavior.

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Common Cash Transfer App Scams—and How to Avoid Them

August 2 by Maps Credit Union

Do you buy things online using apps like Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, and Cash App? Learn the 6 most common cash transfer app scams that thieves use to exploit unsuspecting users. 

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How to Prepare Yourself for College Loan Repayment

July 24 by Maps Credit Union

The freeze on student loan payments and interest is coming to an end. Here’s need to know about paying back your loans—and lowering your overall costs.

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