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Don’t Get Caught in a Social Security Scam

November 21 by Maps Credit Union

Social Security scams are on the rise. Unfortunately, many of the older adults who receive Social Security benefits can be overly trusting and vulnerable to these scams.

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Beware Digital Kidnapping

September 2 by Maps Credit Union

Digital kidnapping happens when a scammer takes control of a victim’s social media profile(s) and holds it/them for ransom.  Here’s what you need to know about digital kidnapping. 

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Beware Malware Scams

July 7 by Maps Credit Union

Malware scams, also known as tech support scams, begin as a seemingly innocent phone call. A scammer reaches out to an individual and informs them that their computer or another device has been hacked. The caller will claim that the alleged hacker has gained access to the victim’s computer and can now do all kinds of damage. Unfortunately, if you follow the caller’s instructions, you’ll be lured into a scam. 

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Don’t Get Caught in a Grandparent Scam

May 3 by Maps Credit Union

Grandparent scams have gotten super sneaky in recent years, which makes them difficult to spot. Here’s what to know about grandparent scams and how to avoid them. 

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Don’t Get Caught in a QR Code Scam

April 18 by Maps Credit Union

Scammers are always dreaming up new ways to con people out of their money. Recently, they’ve figured out a “quick” way by hijacking QR codes. Here’s what to know about QR code scams and how to avoid them. 

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Beware of Sport Ticket Scams

April 1 by Maps Credit Union

Sport ticket scams can make the best game go foul. Here’s what to know about these scams and how to avoid them.

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How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud

January 3 by Maps Credit Union

Credit card fraud is high and with most purchases paid for with plastic, scammers have their pick of vulnerable prey. Stay safe and protect yourself and your cards from fraud with these safety measures and preventative tips: 

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Holiday Season Scams

December 2 by Maps Credit Union

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And unfortunately, ‘tis also the season for scammers to go after your hard-earned dollars. Keep your money safe by reading up on the most common scams taking place this time of year and practicing caution.

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Don’t Answer Calls from These Area Codes

November 30 by Maps Credit Union

Robocalls have got to be one the most annoying inventions of the 21st century. Unfortunately, those phone calls can do a lot more than disrupt your dinner to send you running to the phone just to hear about an offer for an extended warranty on your car. Using sophisticated spoofing methods and dogged persistence, they can swindle unsuspecting targets out of hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, using nothing but a phone. In fact, according to data from Trucaller, Americans lost close to $30 billion to phone scams in 2020.

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4 Scams to Watch Out for this Black Friday

November 12 by Maps Credit Union

Black Friday has traditionally been the day that kicks off the holiday shopping season, sending hordes of crowds surging through malls and big-box stores all over the nation. Unfortunately, it’s also been a day that kicks off the season of shopping scams. 

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