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How to Protect Yourself Against Gift Card Scams

December 11 by Maps Credit Union

Gift cards are a common tool used by scammers, Learn how to spot the signs of fraud so you can avoid the hassle this holiday season. 

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Black Friday Scams and How to Avoid Them

November 20 by Maps Credit Union

Before you break out your credit card, educate yourself on some common holiday shopping scams and learn how to safeguard yourself against potential threats. 

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ICYMI: Facts About Maps

November 16 by Maps Credit Union

We’re taking a minute to answer some popular questions from our surveys and social media. Here’s a quick rundown of a few little-known Maps facts you may have missed.

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9 Reasons to Update Your Credit Union Contact Information ASAP

August 28 by Maps Credit Union

Have you moved recently or had a name change? Did you remember to update your information with Maps? Here’s why you should.

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How AI is Making Financial Scams Harder to Detect—And How to Protect Yourself

July 17 by Maps Credit Union

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we live and work, but all that progress comes at a price. We’ll break down how AI-technology is changing the face of financial scams—and give you some tools to protect yourself.   

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How to Know if Your Identity Has Been Stolen—And What to Do About It

May 8 by Maps Credit Union

Identity theft is becoming increasingly common, but you can protect yourself (and your assets) with these prevention tips and a little know-how about the warning signs.

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Common Scams That Target Kids and Teens

April 10 by Maps Credit Union

If your kids are old enough to be online, they are old enough to learn how to protect themselves from these common scams.

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National Slam the Scam Day

March 8 by Maps Credit Union

Protect your financial well being with these helpful tips and then join us on National Slam the Scam Day (March 9, 2023) to help raise awareness and prevent scammers from succeeding in their crimes. 

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Scam Alert: Don't Call Back One-Ring Calls

July 8 by Jennifer Schmelling

It's Murphy's Law: The phone will always, always ring when you're clear across the house. 

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