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How to Prepare Yourself for College Loan Repayment

July 24 by Maps Credit Union

The freeze on student loan payments and interest is coming to an end. Here’s need to know about paying back your loans—and lowering your overall costs.

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10 Common Myths About Retirement

July 10 by Maps Credit Union

If you are imagining a worry-free romp through your golden years, make sure you aren’t sidetracked by these common retirement myths and misconceptions.

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13 Money Myths to Toss in the Trash

July 3 by Maps Credit Union

When it comes to money management, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. Here, we explore 13 money myths you should ditch to build a smoother, smarter path to financial success. 

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The Pros and Cons of Digital Wallets

June 26 by Maps Credit Union

Digital wallets are growing in popularity because they are convenient, but are they secure? We’ll get into the advantages and disadvantages of ditching your wallet and using your phone to pay.

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5 Basic Budget Tips for College Graduates

June 19 by Maps Credit Union

Life after graduation may look very different, but it’s a crucial time to learn some basic budgeting skills. 

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12 Telltale Signs of Contractor Fraud—And How to Avoid Them

June 12 by Maps Credit Union

As we enter the high season for home repair projects, be on the lookout for contractor fraud and follow these tips to avoid falling victim to a scam.

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Savvy Travel Strategies: Budget Hacks for Summer Fun

May 29 by Maps Credit Union

Hard truth: vacations are expensive, but there’s no need to stay stuck at home on your couch. We've got 11 tips to help you save on summer travel. 

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11 Tips to Save Money While Moving

May 15 by Maps Credit Union

The two big secrets to keeping your costs low while moving are staying organized and planning ahead, but there are a lot of smaller factors to consider. In honor of National Moving Month, we've got some helpful tips to help you save money on a big move. 

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8 Books That Teach Kids About Saving Money

April 24 by Maps Credit Union

To wrap up Youth Savings Month, here are 8 excellent books that can teach kids valuable lessons about saving and spending. 

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Using Games to Teach Kids About Money

April 17 by Maps Credit Union

The not-so-secret truth is, learning money management skills can be fun—especially when you turn it into a game.

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