Community Challenge Award Winners 2017

Published October 12, 2017

We asked, you voted! Because of Maps Credit Union members, nine small nonprofits were awarded more than $10,000 for the 2017 Community Challenge. Money for the awards is raised by Maps’ Free Community Checking accounts, which generates a penny for the foundation every time members use their debit cards. Thank you to the Maps member who have contributed to our community in this way.
The Maps Community Foundation hosted their annual Community Challenge Award to help support and recognize small nonprofits that are effecting the community in a significant way.
The two top award winners, Hope Station and Simply Birthdays, reach families and help meet needs of local families.
Hope Station is a destination for families in need of food, clothing, and hope for a better future. They were awarded one of the top awards of $2,500 from Maps Community Foundation.
Simply Birthdays creates an unforgettable celebration for children experiencing homelessness, making them feel special on their birthday, something we think every child deserves. They received the second top award of $2,500.
An additional seven nonprofits were awarded $500- $1,000: Pringle Creek Sustainable Living Center, Diabetes Support Services, Salem Fire Foundation, Project Pooch, Marion County Search and Rescue, First Responders, and Horse Adaptive Riding Therapy.
To see each personal story of these nonprofits, visit the Maps Credit Union YouTube channel to view their application videos (Mapscu) and Facebook page to view their award presentation videos (@Mapscu).


By Mitzi Smith

Mitzi Smith

Mitzi has been with Maps Credit Union since 2001, starting as a teller working her way up to branch manager before moving into the role of community development officer. Within this role, her primary focus consists of asset building and strengthening our community. A native Oregonian, Mitzi was born and raised in Coos Bay, lived in Springfield in her teen years, and finally settled in the Salem area in 1999.