Travel safely with your credit cards.

Published July 10, 2017

When traveling, convenience is key.
Convenience sometimes means limiting the number of items you pack for a trip: credit cards, rewards cards, and even how many pairs of shoes you bring.
We can’t help with deciding which shoes to bring, but we can help you conveniently carry your credit cards.
How many times do you leave home without your smartphone? Probably never.
A secure app on your phone is a great way to carry your cards.
Why not have your cards secure on an app on the one thing you are never bound not to have.
This app is called a mobile wallet. Mobile Wallets store your credit and debit cards safely and securely, for daily life and while you travel.
Mobile wallets also help protect your information. Each mobile wallet assigns a unique number for  each transaction rather than your actual credit card number.
Remember: mobile wallets are not accepted everywhere so be sure to bring along your physical cards as well. 
We recommend using one of the 3 mobile wallets HERE.
A few best practices when traveling:
•    Alert your financial institution that you will be traveling.
•    Avoid setting your phone down unattended.
•    Keep your phone locked when not in use.
•    Turn off your Bluetooth accessibility.
•    Only sign into secure Wi-Fi access.
Where will you be taking your Maps Mastercard next?
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