Maps makes K-12 lesson plans

Published February 15, 2016

Maps Credit Union is giving away K-12 financial literacy lesson plans.

The lesson plans, available to download for free from the Salem-based credit union’s website, were created by students at Western Oregon University and two Woodburn teachers.

The lesson plans delve into financial issues such as credit, budgeting, and wants vs. needs. The plans also link to websites, handouts and even BizKid$, a television show that teaches kids about financial literacy.

“What this does for teachers is give them the resources they can adapt to fit their classrooms,” said Ken Carano, associate professor of social science education at WOU.

Maps launched the financial literacy project in response to a 2012 state mandate that Oregon’s public schools teach student about financial literacy. They then teamed with WOU, whose graduates teach in more than 80 percent of the state’s schools.

With funding from a National Credit Union Foundation grant, the college students learned how to teach financial literacy to K-12 students. Then, in 2015, they developed lesson plans. Professional educators made sure the curriculum aligned with what Oregon’s kindergarteners through high-schoolers need to know.

Maps also teamed with a pair of teachers in at Woodburn, where many of the children speak Spanish at home, to create lesson plans in both Spanish and English.

“Dual language lessons provide teachers the tools needed for all students to learn basic money management,” said Cori Frauendiener, Maps’ director of education. 

The college students also will use what they learned when they become teachers tomorrow. And the lessons they developed – in Spanish as well as English – will live on through the students they teach.