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Online safety

With so much information moving online these days, well all need to be aware of fraud, scams, hacking, and other threats. At Maps, we work to protect our members' privacy and make sure your personal information stays secure. Below are several resources about online safety. Find more in our Library of Online Security Information.

For information on online fraud and scams and reporting identity theft, see:
Oregon Scam Alert Network
Library of Online Security Information
Reporting identity theft and making a recovery plan
Steps to take if you've been a victim
Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft
IRS site about Identity Protection
Clark Howard's Identity Theft Guide

Online security blogs
"Watch Out, the Boogie Man is After Your Phone" Maps blog, January 2016
"Be careful out there!" Maps blog, February 2016
"Don't take the text bait" Maps blog, March 2016
"Emails from Tax Man might be fake" Maps blog, April 2016
"Give us the money, or else..." Maps blog, Maps 2016

Consumer safety blogs
"Keep Up Your Guard While Holiday Shopping" Maps blog, November 2015
"Phone Call from a Hacker" Maps blog, August 2015
"What does an IT exec do to protect his personal computer?" Maps blog, July 2015
"What is chip technology? And how can it protect you?" Maps blog, April 2015
"Tax Records: What to keep, what to toss" Maps blog, April 2015

IMPORTANT: We at Maps will never contact you, unsolicited, to ask you for your personal or account information.

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