Scam Alert - September 21, 2020
Oregon residents are receiving calls from a spoofing scam. Here's what you need to know.  

Phone/Spoofing Scam Scenario:  

  • A call is received, and caller ID shows as credit union 1-800 number (this number has been spoofed)
  • Caller announces that they are from a CU Fraud Team
  • Caller convinces the cardholder that there has been fraud on their account and that the card will need to be blocked.
  • To finalize the block, they need the cardholder's PIN number.
  • The caller also may provide the last 4 digits of the card number or the whole card number, email address, and it sounds all very convincing.
  • The caller also may suggest moving all of their money into their checking account as this account will be blocked from future fraud activity.

Please remember that Maps never asks for personal or account information.
If you get a suspicious request, do not respond to that caller, message or number. Instead call us directly at 503-588-0181.