Fee Schedule

Membership Share $5.00
Membership Fee (except Youth Savings) $10.00
Savings Account Fees:
Membership Share Service Fee $3.00 per month if minimum balance not met*
*This fee is waived at the individual account level if you are 21 years old or under or if you have an open checking account or loan regardless of the balance. The fee is also waived for the entire household if the combined average daily savings and/or actual loan balances at your address are $100 or more. The fee is assessed based on prior month activity.
Checking Account Fees:
President’s Club Checking Service Fee $ 7.50 per month if minimum balance not met
Dividend Option Checking Service Fee $ 7.50 per month if minimum balance not met
Overdraft (NSF) Fee $ 31.00 per item
ACH Overdraft (NSF) Fee $ 31.00 per item
Courtesy Pay Overdraft Fee $ 31.00 per item
Counter Checks (first 8 free for new accounts) $ 1.00 per 4 checks
Check Copies $ 2.00 per copy ($7.00 faxed)
Stop Payment Request $ 22.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee $ 3.00 per transfer
Check Printing Fee Price varies by check style
Inactive Account Fee $ 5.00 per month
(No transactions for 6 months and a balance less than $750)
Closure and Early Withdrawal Fees:
Market Investor Excess Transaction Fee $ 25.00
Christmas Club $ 25.00 (per withdrawal)
IRA (within first 18 months) $ 50.00
Other Service Fees:
Account Reconciliation (1st hour free) $ 20.00 per hour
Account Research (1 hour minimum) $ 20.00 per hour
Statement Copy Fee $ 2.00 per page
Statement Copy Fee (faxed) $ 2.00 per page (in addition to statement copy fee)
Account Print Out Fee (faxed) $ 1.50 per page
Chargeback Fee (Negotiated item returned) $ 20.00 per item
Garnishment Fee $ 25.00
Item Returned for Improper Endorsement $ 20.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming) $ 10.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing Domestic) $ 15.00 per transfer
Bad Address Fee $ 3.00
Corrected Name/ITIN (for IRS reporting) (Pass through from IRS) $ 100.00
Money Order $ 1.00 per item
Cashier’s Check $ 3.00 per item (Free to President’s Club members)
Stop Payment for Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Cashier's Check (after 90 days) $ 10.00 per item
Special Item Processing/Collection Fee $ 25.00 minimum per item
PC Branch / Private Line Free
Bill Payer Service Free for personal accounts
Municipal/Bearer Bond and Interest Coupon Collection Fee $ 25.00 per issue, series and maturity
Travel Money Card $ 3.95 per item
Visa Gift Card $ 2.95 per item
Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement $ 15.00
Forced Opening of Safe Deposit Box $ 60.00 minimum
Safe Deposit Box Fees: (All rent paid annually in advance; non-refundable on early box closure)
(3 X 5) $ 30.00/year
(5 X 5) $ 40.00/year
(3 X 10) $ 50.00/year
(5 X 10) $ 65.00/year
(10 X 10) $ 110.00/year
Electronic Funds Transfers:
ATM Card (new or reissue, damaged/de-magnetized) Free
ATM Card (lost/stolen or name change) $ 5.00
ATM Deposits Free
ATM Transfers Free
ATM Balance Inquiries Free
ATM Withdrawals at Maps owned ATM’s Free
ATM Withdrawals at non-Maps ATM’s 2 Free withdrawals per checking account

Free to President's Club Checking account holders. A fee may be charged from the other financial institution.
Additional withdrawals at non-Maps ATMs (including CO-OP ATMs) $ 1.00
Debit/Point of Sale (POS) Transactions No Credit Union charge; merchant charges may vary
Electronic Payment Processing Program $ 15.00 for each card and check transaction
ACH Direct Deposit and ACH Origination Free
Debit/Credit Card Rush Order $ 35.00
Expedited Bill Payment Fee, Overnight $25.00
Efective May 1, 2017