Fee Schedule

Membership Share $5.00
Membership Fee (except Youth Savings) $10.00
Savings Account Fees:
Membership Share Single Service Fee $3.00 per month if minimum balance not met*
*This fee will be waived if you are under 21 or you maintain an actual daily savings and/or loan account balance of $100 or more. The fee is assessed based on current month activity.
Checking Account Fees:
President’s Club Checking Service Fee $ 7.50 per month if minimum balance not met
Dividend Option Checking Service Fee $ 7.50 per month if minimum balance not met
Overdraft (NSF) Fee $ 31.00 per item
ACH Overdraft (NSF) Fee $ 31.00 per item
Courtesy Pay Overdraft Fee $ 31.00 per item
Counter Checks (first 8 free for new accounts) $ 1.00 per 4 checks
Check Copies $ 2.00 per copy ($7.00 faxed)
Stop Payment Request $ 22.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee $ 3.00 per transfer
Check Printing Fee Price varies by check style
Inactive Account Fee $ 5.00 per month
(No transactions for 6 months and a balance less than $750)
Closure and Early Withdrawal Fees:
Market Investor Excess Transaction Fee $ 25.00
Christmas Club $ 25.00 (per withdrawal)
IRA (within first 18 months) $ 50.00
Other Service Fees:
Account Reconciliation (1st hour free) $ 20.00 per hour
Account Research (1 hour minimum) $ 20.00 per hour
Statement Copy Fee $ 2.00 per page
Statement Copy Fee (faxed) $ 1.50 per page (in addition to statement copy fee)
Account Print Out Fee (faxed) $ 2.00 per page
Chargeback Fee (Negotiated item returned) $ 20.00 per item
Garnishment Fee $ 25.00
Item Returned for Improper Endorsement $ 20.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming) $ 10.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing Domestic) $ 15.00 per transfer
Bad Address Fee $ 3.00
Corrected Name/ITIN (for IRS reporting) (Pass through from IRS) $ 100.00
Money Order $ 1.00 per item
Cashier’s Check $ 3.00 per item (Free to President’s Club members)
Stop Payment for Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Cashier's Check (after 90 days) $ 10.00 per item
Special Item Processing/Collection Fee $ 25.00 minimum per item
PC Branch / Private Line Free
Bill Payer Service Free for personal accounts
Municipal/Bearer Bond and Interest Coupon Collection Fee $ 25.00 per issue, series and maturity
Travel Money Card $ 3.95 per item
Visa Gift Card $ 2.95 per item
Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement $ 15.00
Forced Opening of Safe Deposit Box $ 60.00 minimum
Safe Deposit Box Fees: (All rent paid annually in advance; non-refundable on early box closure)
(3 X 5) $ 30.00/year
(5 X 5) $ 40.00/year
(3 X 10) $ 50.00/year
(5 X 10) $ 65.00/year
(10 X 10) $ 110.00/year
Electronic Funds Transfers:
Debit/Credit Card (new or reissue, damaged/de-magnetized) Free
Debit/Credit Card (lost/stolen or name change) $ 5.00
ATM Deposits Free
ATM Transfers Free
ATM Balance Inquiries Free
ATM Withdrawals at Maps owned ATM’s Free
ATM Withdrawals at non-Maps ATM’s 2 Free withdrawals per checking account

Free to President's Club Checking account holders. A fee may be charged from the other financial institution.
Additional withdrawals at non-Maps ATMs (including CO-OP ATMs) $ 1.00
Debit/Point of Sale (POS) Transactions No Credit Union charge; merchant charges may vary
Electronic Payment Processing Program $ 15.00 for each card and check transaction
ACH Direct Deposit and ACH Origination Free
Debit/Credit Card Rush Order $ 35.00
Expedited Bill Payment Fee, Overnight $19.95
Effective April 1, 2018