Help us celebrate our 2023 Maps Teacher Grant winners! 

We received a record number of applications this year and selected 41
local K-12 teachers to receive funding for their innovative educational
projects that we know will make a difference for students and their schools. 

In total, Maps Community Foundation awarded $35,000 to support classroom and school-wide projects at 41 schools in the Mid-Willamette Valley region. The funds are part of the Foundation’s Education impact area, and this program is closely tied to our roots as a teacher’s credit union. We are so grateful for ALL of the teachers in our region. Read more about each of the exciting projects we funded below.


Salem-Keizer School District
Phillip Warner of McKay High School 
will take his AP Environmental Science class on a field trip to the Hatfield Marine Science Center 

Bethany Brown of Scott Elementary will purchase items for interactive, educational morning tubs to engage her students when they arrive for the day. 

Blair Becker of Hammond Elementary will purchase a black-out tent, soft lighting. and other items to create a calming corner in her developmental Kindergarten classroom.

Jasmine Filley of the Career Technical Education Center (CTEC) will purchase tower garden vertical aeroponic systems for two nearby elementary schools so that CTEC’s Sustainable Plant Science and Technology students can share their knowledge with younger students. 

Kezra Presleigh of Stephens Middle School will develop a new Ethnic Studies elective course, with grant funds supporting training, student materials and field trip funds. 
Carrie Hare of Leslie Middle School will purchase comfortable seating for her reading intervention class to create a cozy space for students to develop a love for reading.

Shelly Barr of Crossler Middle School will purchase items for the school clothing closet such as racks and bins, clothing, shoes, and backpacks so that students who are experiencing financial hardship can receive the support they need to be successful learners.

Katie Currey of Wright Elementary School will purchase books and art supplies for the annual Read Across America Night, with evening student and families activities planned for the week.

Liza Rodriguez McNicholas of South Salem High School will use the funds to support her work with the after-school Latino Club, including club t-shirts and multicultural week activities.

Brenda Varty Bly of McKinley Elementary School will purchase a sensory swing, a smart recording bird feeder and other bird-related items to enhance the calm, sensory den.

Kassandra Paige of Auburn Elementary School will bring the twelve-week Biz Town financial education program to her 4th and 5th grade students.

Laura Sumpter of Hoover Elementary School will purchase the Slumberkins curriculum to enhance the school’s All Feelings Matter project that is focused on trauma informed care and creating a school climate of care, warmth, and comfort.

Carly Justino of Miller Elementary School will purchase items for a raised bed school garden in the interior courtyard to provide a hands-on learning opportunity, a calming space and access to healthy foods and eating options.

Kim Beranek of Mary Eyre Elementary School will purchase a new mobile digital piano that can be used in the music room, library, and gym to accompany music classes and concerts.

Dan Murray of West Salem High School will utilize funds for a 10-week real-world budgeting simulation to teach financial literacy to his financial algebra students.

Jessica Sokoloff of Myers Elementary School will purchase a new mobile digital piano and dolly for the music and choir program that will allow for safe movement, increase student visibility and allow for volume control to meet diverse student needs.

Samantha Rogers of Brush College Elementary School will purchase sensory tools and activities such as bouncy bands for chairs, weighted lap pads and more for her self-contained emotional growth classroom.

Dawn Reichle-Bailon of McNary High School will purchase supplies to create beds for a new Sensory Garden to be used by students with and without disabilities during science classes.

Leslie Trommlitz Leasia of Gubser Elementary School will purchase a set of corrective reading curriculum books to support her work with bringing up the reading level for her 2nd-5th graders. 

Stacey Lund of Weddle Elementary School will purchase items to create a new sensory room so that students with individualized sensory needs have a space to self-regulate and get ready to learn and interact with others.

Kevin Loss of Parrish Middle School will use funds to support the creation of a Sensory Solarium in the greenhouse to provide a safe and nurturing space for students with developmental disabilities to regulate their bodies and minds.

Ashley Smith of North Salem High School will purchase updated classroom lesson planning tools and supplies for the Early Childhood Education students who are working towards careers with children.

Kristine Herring of Eagle Charter School will purchase practical items to be given to students as part of their new monthly Character Trait Awards, recognizing kindness, empathy, respect, responsibility, honesty, and cooperation.

Silver Falls School District
Heather Deede-Jones of Silverton High School will purchase items for revitalizing the school library to be more inclusive, including audiobooks and headphones, a large print collection for students with vision impairment, and an expanded Spanish collection.

Najma Cheema of Robert Frost Elementary School will utilize grant funds to support family literacy nights for her second language learning families to engage parents in supporting literacy at home.

Jennifer Bizon of Scotts Mills Elementary School will purchase bookshelves, cozy carpet, flexible seating and improved lighting for her new classroom to create a supportive, educational environment.

Mary Hayden of Silverton Middle School will purchase jerseys and other equipment for a new Unified Basketball Program to support social inclusion and school connectedness. 

Woodburn School District
Kelly Kent of Lincoln Elementary School will purchase more than 300 books in English and Spanish to distribute during Read Across America week to get students excited about reading. 

Rosa Floyd of Nellie Muir Elementary School will purchase costumes for the Mexican Folkoric Dance program that connects students and the community to their roots and culture, while promoting tolerance, diversity and appreciation of other cultures.
Neil Wilhelm of Woodburn Success High School will purchase educational incentives to reward good grades, attendance, and behavior in order to keep students on track for graduation.

Cascade School District
Taylor Guidos of Cascade High School will purchase lego sets and STEM project boxes to provide more hands-on educational opportunities for his Special Education students.

Julia McFerron of Turner Elementary School will purchase paint, supplies and plywood for a new after-school art club that will lead a school-wide project to create a mural for the side of the gym.

Jefferson School District
Sonya Lang of Jefferson High School will start a garden project for her LifeSkills classroom students to learn about plant life cycles and how to grow and harvest food within both a greenhouse and hydroponic growing environment.

Alicia Hasty of Jefferson Middle School will purchase new marching/pep band jackets to bring back the marching band program and match the new school colors for parades and events.

Central School District
Tia Pico of Independence Elementary School will purchase various products and books to support teaching 5th grade students about personal hygiene during science and health.

Kristine Nightengale of Ash Creek Elementary School will purchase a variety of flexible seating options to help her students get their wiggles out and be successful learners.

Falls City School District
Stephanie McEwen of Falls City High School will purchase cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, and personal care items to support special education students with learning essential life skills. 

Dallas School District
Lua Siegel of Luckiamute Valley Charter School will purchase pier blocks, lumber and supplies to build a boardwalk and interpretive nature trail around the school garden.

Private Schools
Melissa Garmon of St. Vincent de Paul Dual Language Immersion Catholic School will purchase bilingual literacy materials to support her English reading intervention groups. 

Olivia Nava of Victory Christian Academy will purchase equipment for the computer lab at their new school that will teach middle and high school students typing, website building, coding and basic computer skills. 

Rachael Harms of Western Christian School will purchase chromebooks and Adobe Creative Cloud licenses to support the launch of a new Digital Arts CTE program.


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