Thanks to our combined efforts the
Maps Community Foundation has donated
$34,600 to our local schools!

During the month of October, all members opening a new checking account had the opportunity to select a K-12 school to receive a $100 donation from the Maps Community Foundation.

In total, 118 schools across 33 districts in Oregon will receive a donation. With nearly half of Maps members calling the Salem area home, it is no surprise that more than half, or $18,600, of the total raised will go to 49 schools in the Salem-Keizer School District. Several other local school districts in the Mid-Willamette Valley, including Central, Cascade, Silver Falls, Santiam Canyon, North Santiam, and Woodburn will share approximately $10,000. Fourteen local private schools and 26 additional public schools will receive the remaining $6,000.

School Impact Form

Salem-Keizer School District
Adam Stephens Middle School  $300
Auburn Elementary School  $200
Battle Creek Elementary School  $400
Brush College Elementary School  $200
Candalaria Elementary School  $100
Cesar Chavez Elementary School  $500
Chapman Hill Elementary School  $200
Claggett Creek Middle School  $200
Crossler Middle School  $100
Cummings Elementary School  $100
Eagle Creek Charter School  $100
Early College High School  $200
Englewood Elementary School  $200
Faye Wright Elementary School  $200
Forest Ridge Elementry  $200
Four Corners Elementary School  $300
Grant Community School  $400
Hallman Elementary School  $100
Hammond Elementary School  $100
Harritt Elementary  $300
Hayesville Elementary School  $200
Hoover Elementary School  $200
Houck Middle School  $100
Judson Middle School  $100
Keizer Elementary School  $100
Kennedy Elementary School  $300
Lee Elementary School  $600
Marion Miller Elemetary School   $100
Mary Eyre Elementary School  $100
McKay High School  $1,700
McNary High School  $1,100
Miller Elementary School  $200
North Salem High School  $1,300
Parrish Middle School  $300
Pringle Elementary School  $100
Richmond Elementary Elementary  $100
Salem Heights Elementary School  $200
Schirle Elementary School  $100
South Salem High School  $1,700
Sprague High School  $700
Sumpter Elementary School  $400
Swegle Elementary School  $800
Valley Inquiry Charter School  $100
Waldo Middle School  $400
Walker Middle School  $300
Washington Elementary School  $300
West Salem High School  $2,000
Whiteaker Middle School  $300
Yoshikai Elementary School  $300
Central School District
Ash Creek Elementary School  $100
Central High School  $700
Independence Elementary School  $700
Monmouth Elementary  $200
Talmadge Middle School  $300
Cascade School District
Aumsville Elementary  $600
Cascade Junior High School  $300
Cascade High School  $600
Turner Elementary  $300
Silver Falls School District
Bethany Charter  $300
Butte Creek Elementary  $100
Mark Twain Elementary  $200
Pratum Elementary  $100
Robert Frost  $600
Silver Crest   $200
Silverton High School  $500
Silverton Middle School  $500
Woodburn School District
Nellie Muir Elementary  $100
Lincoln Elementary  $200
WEBS --Woodburn High School  $200
Woodburn High School  $300
Santiam Canyon School District
Santiam Elementary  $500
Santiam Junior-Senior High School  $800
Oregon Charter Academy  $100
North Santiam School District
Stayton Elementary  $600
Stayton Middle School  $200
Stayton High School  $400
Sublimity Elementary School  $200
Mari Linn  $100
Private Schools
Blanchet Catholic School  $200
Crosshill Christian School  $200
Monitor Old Rite School  $100
Queen of Peace  $200
Regis High School  $500
Riviera Christian School  $300
ROBC Holy Trinity Private School  $200
Salem Academy  $300
Santiam Christian School  $100
Sonshine School at Salem First Baptist  $100
St Luke Catholic School  $200
Saint Mary's Catholic School  $200
Willamette Valley Christian School  $100
Gethsemane Christian Academy  $100
Other School Districts/Public Schools
St Mary's Public School  $300
Gervais Elementary School  $100
Astoria High School  $100
Bridger Elementary School  $100
Dayton High School  $200
Grants Pass High School  $100
Clarkes Elementary School   $100
Insight School of Oregon Painted Hills   $100
Jefferson Middle School  $100
Marshfield High School  $100
Ninety-One School  $100
North Marion Intermediate  $100
Oregon School for the Deaf  $300
Oregon Virtual Academy  $100
Patton Middle Schol  $100
Perrydale School  $100
Rainier High School  $100
Spring Mountain Elementary  $100
Summit Learning Charter School  $200
Tillamook High School  $100
Waldport High School  $100
West Albany High School  $100
South Albany High School   $100
Wilson Elementary School  $100
Amity High School  $100
LaCreole Middle School  $100