5 COVID-19 Scams to Watch Out For

Published April 8, 2020

  1. PIN Number Scam. Scammers are calling, posing as a financial institution, and asking for card PINs. Then making fraudulent purchases from debit and credit cards. Please remember that Maps never asks for your PIN, personal, or account information. If you get a suspicious request, do not respond to that caller, message, or number. Instead, call us directly at 503-588-0181.
  2. The fake cure scam. Scammers are peddling bogus cures and vaccines. If you’re offered a drug or vaccine to fight coronavirus — especially by a company you’ve never heard of — you’re looking at a scam.
  3. Phishing emails from the “World Health Organization” (WHO). Scammers are sending out emails which appear to be from the WHO, but are really an attempt to get you to share personal information.
  4. Fake charities. Everyone wants to help those stricken by the virus, but be sure to check out the authenticity of a charity before making your donation.
  5. Malicious websites. Scammers have set up websites full of information on COVID-19 with the intention of gaining access to your device. Don’t download any links or open attachments from non-reputable sources.
  6. Fake funding scams. Criminals invent a “research team” supposedly on the verge of discovering a cure for COVID-19 — they just need your donation. Of course, all funds donated to this alleged team will go directly into the scammers’ pockets. Only donate to verified causes.