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Mobile Wallet 

Q: Is mobile wallet available on my phone or tablet?
A: Each mobile wallet has its own specifics on the phones and tablets it’s available on.
  • Apple Pay: iPhone 6 and above.
  • Android Pay: 4.4 version and above.
  • Samsung Pay: Galaxy S8, S7, S6, Galaxy Note5, Gear S2 (with NFC only), and Gear S3.
Q: Does a mobile wallet cost me anything?
A: No. Maps does not charge a fee for our members to use a mobile wallet. The mobile wallets are free to download.

Q: Why am I being asked to verify my Maps Mastercard?
A: This is for security reasons, we may need you to verify certain information. The app will tell you specifically what steps you need to take to verify your card if they are needed. 

Q: What is a default card?
A: This is the debit or credit card that is set to be used first in your app. If you have only one card in your mobile wallet, this is the default card. If you have multiple cards in your mobile wallet, the card at the top of your app will be your default card.
Q: How do I make my Maps card the default card?
A: By default, the first card you upload into your mobile wallet will be your default card. This can be changed within the settings of your mobile wallet app at anytime.

Q: How do I change the expiration date or number on the card?
A: If any information on your card changes (expiration date, security code, or card number), you need to re-upload your card to your mobile app. This can be done by deleting the previous card and uploading the new card.

Q: What if my device is stolen?
A: You can change the settings for your mobile wallet to keep your information safe. Each mobile wallet has a specific way to change information for your app.
  • Apple Pay: use iCloud to manage settings and deactivate app if your phone is stolen.
  • Android Pay: use Android Device Manager to deactivate cards, change your password, or wipe your Android Pay app clean of all information.
  • Samsung Pay: Find my Mobile service provided by Samsung can lock or erase any information on your Samsung Pay app by logging in on a computer. 
  • If you would like to deactivate your Maps card, call 866-839-3409 to assist  you. 
Q: What cards can be added to a mobile wallet?
A: Any debit, credit, gift card, and most large rewards cards such as the Target Cartwheel.

Q: Is my mobile wallet safe and secure?
A: Yes. Each app has developed security measures to be sure your information is safe and never saved within their system. For specific security questions on your app, please reference the links below. 
Q: What if there are unauthorized charges on my card?
A: When you add a card to your mobile wallet, it is still covered under the Maps fraud monitoring. Please contact us at our Chargeback Member/Customer Services if you have any questions or concerns about charges on your account at:
Phone Number: 1-800-600-5249
8 am – 9 pm EST M-F
8 am – 3 pm EST Sat.
Fax Number: 1-866-451-6263
Address: PO BOX 30495, Tampa, FL 33630-3495
Q: Why are the transaction amounts sometimes different than online banking?
A: If you have used your mobile wallet at a location that sends an initial authorization amount first and then the true transaction amount after. This is true of places you typically leave a tip or a hotel.
Q: What other devices are available for mobile wallets?

A: We have linked the specific lists for each mobile wallet type below:  

Bill Pay 

Q: Why are the funds for my bill payments not withdrawn from my account? Are my payments being sent?
A: Payments ARE being sent, even though funds have not been deducted from the account yet.
  • Funds will be deducted from your account when the check has been received and negotiated by the Payee.
  • To view what payments have been sent to their Payees, click on the Activity tab and review the Processed Payments area.
Q: How do I transfer money within online banking?
A: Any of these 4 ways are possible.
  • Member to Member
    Transfer money from your Maps account to any other Maps member’s account.
    • Both members must be using online banking and set up to receive transfers with their full account number.
  • External Accounts
    Transfer money into your Maps account from your account at another financial institution. You can also use this to transfer money from your Maps account to another financial institution, however, this can take up to 5 business days. We recommend using the P2P option for a faster transaction time. 
  • P2P
    Transfer money from your Maps account to any of your accounts at another financial institution or to any other person whose accounts are not at Maps.
  • Transfer
    To transfer funds between your own Maps accounts/loans.

Credit Cards 

Q: How do I sign up for E-Statements for my Maps credit card?
A: Log into Maps online banking
  • On the summary page, click on your credit card account – this will take you to your credit card account details
  • Select Statements Tab
    • Click Statement Delivery Options
    • Choose Electronic
    • Start Verification
    • Open PDF to obtain code
    • Enter code and Agree and Verify
Q: How do set up my account to automatically pay my monthly Maps credit card payment?
A: Log into Maps online banking
  • On the summary page, click on your credit card account – this will take you to your credit card account details
  • First setup Payment Account
    • Select Payments Tab
    • Click Manager Payment Accounts
    • Add a Payment Account
    • Follow prompts until complete
      • Input Full Checking or Savings Account Number
  • Set up your payment to reoccur
    • Select Payments Tab
    • Click Manager Recurring Payments
    • Follow the prompts until complete



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